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Why choose Ontime Safaris?

Selection of Best Tour Company in Tanzania among thousands of tour operators is very important and probably is the first thing!

The following are some of the reasons to why you should choose Ontime Safaris to organize/arrange your holiday to Tanzania.

Years of Experience

Ontime Safaris team consist of travel experts who have been in the industry for many years dealing with Western, European, Asian and African visitors.

Our Supporting Team 24/7

We answer every email in less than 24 hours and you can call us anytime day or night On WhatsApp and Call at +255 784 556 581/+255 766 004 475 whether it’s just to ask a question or if you need help with a booking you have already made. All we do is organize climbs and safaris. Our team handles all inquiries and every one of us has climbed Kilimanjaro and been on safari so your assured of getting knowledgeable first hand advice.

Our Vehicles

Ontime Safaris owns he latest, well maintained vehicles required for transfers, and Tanzania Safaris. For more Information about this Go to Ontime Transfers

Style and adventure for every budget

We know that everyone’s different and so is every budget. Maybe you’ve saved up and want every cent to work hard during your holiday; we understand that-we’ve been there, in our early days. Or maybe your budget is bigger than our national debt. Whatever you’d like to spend, we have a remarkable holiday waiting for you.

For budget travelers, we’ve a dizzying choice of tours and accommodation choices that will be kind to your wallet but not compromise on comfort, cuisine or safety. Choose from wild camping, homely eco-lodges, and friendly hotels, accompanied by some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people in Tanzania – our Mountain and Safari guides.

For those who’d like to spend a little more, we have a choice of activities and tours with that little bit extra pizzazz, and for those of us who love a little luxury, we have a range of beautiful accommodation with five star service across all our tours.

Expert Local Guides

Highly trained, certified and licensed multilingual local guides with a vast knowledge of the country.

All of our guides work for us full time and have on average 10+ years’ experience either climbing or guiding safaris. All of our guides speak excellent English, German, French etc and are fully certified.

WFR (Wilderness First Aid Responder) Certified Guides

We are one of the few companies in Tanzania to get a Wilderness First Aid Responder Certification for all of our climbing guides and safari drivers. Our climbing guides have also attended a special course dealing with acclimatization issues on the mountain. Wilderness First Aid is comprehensive medical training designed for remote professionals or wilderness leaders who venture into remote and challenging environments.

Safety is Priority One

We have a great success rate on our climbs but the first priority is everyone’s safety. Our guides are all equipped with pulse oximeters and in addition to keeping a close watch of your condition they will take daily readings of your blood oxygen saturation levels. We carry oxygen cylinder on every climb but it’s only to be used to go down the mountain.

Quality Gear on Every Climb

We provide all of our tents and sleeping Mattress and we make sure it’s updated on a regular basis. Tents and sleeping Matts are included in the price of every climb and safari.

Oxygen on Every Climb

We carry oxygen on every climb as a safety precaution if someone needs it in the event of an evacuation due to altitude sickness. While it’s rarely needed it’s nice to know it’s there.

We Only Offer Private climb and Safaris

Many companies offer lower priced climb and safaris by offering shared services. This means that you have to wait for other guests coming from different hotels and there are often delays. We only offer private/climb and safaris so you can spend as much time on the way during climb and game drives as possible and see exactly what you want.

Fully Licensed Local Office

Our office is in Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro. We are fully licensed and run climbs and safaris under our name Ontime Safaris

Your safety and health is our number one concern, so on all excursions our guides carry medical first-aid kits and are in constant phone contact with our base so we can monitor your progress and act immediately in the unlikely event of an emergency. Ontime Safaris provides you with professional quality services at reasonable prices. Our rates are not the cheapest, but our experience has shown that while cutting corners may lower costs, it not only compromises the quality of your safari but your safety as well.

We, the Ontime Safaris team are committed to providing you with a classic African Safari Adventures, we are the friendliest people who understand your needs and ensure you in safe hands. Go on safari through endless savannah and see the mass migrations of the Serengeti, climb snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, snorkel the crystal clear coast of Zanzibar, and explore Stone Town and the unrivalled game-viewing in Ngorongoro Crater or go to a Maasai village. Ontime Safaris is the most to make your African dreams reality.

When booking with Ontime Safaris expect the best accommodations in terms of value and budget sensitivity. We’re are also very reliable, flexible and we provide high level of services at a very reasonable price. We conduct ethical Kilimanjaro climbs and offer opportunities for women as the porters and guides on the mountain and lastly but not least we support the local charity groups.